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The preparation of your dog for the arrival of a new baby

If you bring a brand newborn baby into your to your home, your pet will be confronted with a myriad of exciting sights, sounds, and smells.

They may find some of them a bit disturbing, especially in the event that she wasn’t able to interact with children while she was an infant.

It’s likely that you’ll alter your daily routine, which means your dog’s schedule may alter, too. In the event of a need, you’ll give her less attention and time. It can be a stressful period for her, particularly when she’s been an “only kid” for a long time.

To ensure that things run smoothly for everyone involved, it’s essential to set aside moment to get ready for your dog for your new puppy. In the weeks before the baby arrives it’s important to focus on two areas:

  • Training your dog with the necessary skills to be able to safely interact with the new member of her family
  • Aiding your dog to adjust to the new environment and the changes that lie ahead

Planning a Strategy

Your dog will gain from any training that you do prior to the birth of your puppy.

Training Your Dog to Learn Important New Skills

Being able to communicate effectively with your dog will be beneficial when it comes to managing your dog’s needs and baby’s needs. The following skills are essential.

Help Your Child Learn Respect for Your Dog

As your child grows learn to respect your dog’s body and safe zones , and personal belongings. Make sure you supervise all interactions, so you are able to guide your child’s development as he learns to interact and play with your dog properly. Being active in the growth of a bond between your dog and your child is beneficial to everyone.

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